Friday, January 6, 2017

Here's to Ideas!

For many, this week was a week of toasts and goals.

I say, here's to ideas!

The big ideas of the week started with a structure of shared supports and bases, build by my six year old nephew.

Then, I was elected to represent the students of the orthodox branch of Bezalel in the student union. I immediately created a survey to collect those ideas that usually do not have the opportunity to progress from their coffee cooler complaint status. Lets just say, things are going to change this year.

But the most impressive ideas emerged when I visited my husband at a hackathon Wednesday night. I loved the atmosphere and the discussion. It was great to debate ideas and discuss designs in a setting that was so high energy. Prince Charming's team  developed an app called Keeper, that helps communities keep track of the needs of elderly people who live independently, and recruit locals to volunteer. I left in the morning feeling very proud that they had created such a high quality idea. I told PC that we should celebrate. That evening, they were declared the hackathon winners! Now someone else is paying for the celebration!

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